Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Next Chapter

Today is an exciting day for the life of KC Brew Review; I have accepted a new job in Denver Colorado and will be moving in November.  As most of you can see it has been some time since I have kept up with the pace that I established during the first year of the blog.  I am proud to announce today that a few of my friends would like to take a stab at revamping the site and getting a little momentum going.  I'm not sure what direction it might go; I would expect some reviews (formal or informal), some commentary/insight, as well as some ramblings too!

I will still be admin on the site and might add in a few experiences that I have out west from time to time, but mostly this blog will continue on with Kansas City related posts.  I am sad to leave as I have made so many very good friends in KC.  I do believe the change for this blog will be beneficial and exciting. 
Thank you to each of you who has visited this site, it has been a fun ride and I look forward to many brew reviews in the future!

-Nate White

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Bull E. Vard said...

Good luck in your new digs, I know you love Colorado so I'm sure you're ready for what it brings you.